A brush with BVD in 1996 and the fall out from BSE (we luckily had no animals succumb to this) left us in no doubt that the risk of continually introducing bulls and females of an unknown health status onto the farm was unacceptable. Our membership number of Hi-Health (the largest and most commercially focused of the cattle health schemes) is 000001.

This should indicate to any prospective buyer just how committed to this ideal we are. The herd is all but closed, with the exception of an occasional stock bull.

In three generations we have thankfully not seen a case of Johnne’s and hope this approach will maintain our good record. All embryo transfer work is done with IBR, BVD and Johne's free cattle from our own herd.

The herd is BVD and Level 1 Johne's accredited. All bulls sold are tested free of IBR and Lepto.